You’re Just A Piece of Meat

The last thing you expect when you go to the movies is to have a friggin meat thermometer stabbed in your neck. Best way to avoid this is don’t ask a female to turn her cell phone off,especially if she is with two black males in an orange jersey and a black hoodie. The unfortunate man was attacked by the woman’s boyfriend after he asked her to stop talking on the phone and turn it off while the damn movie was showing. That obviously didn’t go down very well, considering he is still recovering in hospital. The two suspects and the woman fled the scene and have yet to be caught.

Psst Who brings a frigggin meat thermometer to the movies?


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7 responses to “You’re Just A Piece of Meat

  1. Susi Spice

    too bad he didnt have a baster they would have really had a serious hand to hand combat session then.

  2. I guess they left it stuck in him since they were able to identify the thermometer. So what was his temp anyway?

  3. So you stab the guy and flee. Still miss the movie. I don’t get it.

  4. This is why I always carry a cheese grater when I go to a movie. Nothing works better for blocking meat thermometer attacks.

  5. Obviously we need to bring in all the local chefs for questioning, and find out which one just bought a new meat thermometer.

  6. That is so wrong on so many levels.

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