You’re Not the Messiah You Just A Very Naughty Creep!

Who the hell is he?

OK, here’s a novel excuse for raping your five daughters…the Messiah complex . Aswad Ayinde (aka Eric or Charles McGill) allegedly had sex with and fathered several children by his daughters because he believed his bloodline would be the only one to survive the impending apocalypse. Hmm, so it wasn’t because you were some sick friggin bastard then? Many of the rapes occurred in an abandoned New Jersey funeral home where the family were squatting. Along with the regular raping sessions, Mr Ayinde beat the children with boards and steel capped boots to keep them from squealing about the atrocities. Geez, imagine THAT bloodline being the “chosen” one.

Psst At least two babies died at birth and several who survived suffer from health problems. None of the offsprings have birth certificates.


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6 responses to “You’re Not the Messiah You Just A Very Naughty Creep!

  1. Maybe his name, ASS-WAD, is a preview of his new life in prison?

  2. Susi Spice

    see in MY utopia people like this would not even be a burden on the social system AT ALL. OFF WITH HIS HEADS!!!!!!

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