It’s Criminal!

Simply brilliant, the Sentencing Advisory Panel in the UK has asked judges and magistrates NOT to give prison sentences to “ordinary” burglars unless they cause damage or hurt someone. Nanny State, Nanny State. Hello, if it wasn’t for petty thieves Australia wouldn’t be the country it is today! This comes after reports reveal that burglaries have increased 1% from the previous year. It sends a nice clear message to anyone thinking about taking up the thieving occupation, it’s OK as long as you don’t hurt anyone. Hmm, they might as well not make it a crime to steal. Welcome to anarchy!

Psst Hmm, if this is the new guidelines, maybe they should make it legal for the VICTIM to dish out their own form of punishment if they catch the shits stealing their possessions!


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4 responses to “It’s Criminal!

  1. susispice

    i totally agree loony, if the justice system wont punish a severe crime like stealing, and YES IT IS severe for all you morons out there who think its different, then totally the occupants of the premises or locations/cars etc who catch these “burglars” should be allowed to have their way with the burglars. Maybe a few lashings, a few punches in the nuts and face, strip them down to till they are in the nuddy and make them walk down the main streets with a big dunce hat and sign saying “IM A THEIF AND I DESERVE THIS”…

    • susispice

      that goes for any judges to who decide to apply the no punishment crap.

      man this pisses me off so badly!

      sometimes a dictatorship where all this is strictly “taken care of” wouldnt be so bad…

      • What gets me is if you impose harsh laws the crime stops, duh!
        Wouldn’t see this shit happening under Kim Jong Il 🙂

      • Susi Spice

        exactly my point!!!

        Celtic is with me and the rest all will fall into line… let ME be the first Aussie dictator… trust me… no illegal boat people will be wanting to even being to contemplate about possibly thinking about coming here, thieves would think twice about stealing because they would lose a limb for each occassion they are caught by the law and if they were caught by the home occupants then let the force help them cause they would be free game… terrorism would be ELIMINATED by any means and force.. you get caught you will DISAPPEAR.

        when will people learn… democracy doesnt work!

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