Move On, No Cheese Rolling To See Here

Unfigginbelievable, the Cotswolds hill cheese rolling race has been canceled due to health and safety fears. For nearly two centuries people have been running down the steep hill, risking life and limb, to chase a 7lb wheel of Double Gloucester. Now, zip, zilch, nada. Authorities are concerned about the number of people flooding into the area to watch the event and the potential damage they could cause by trampling through people’s properties.The cheese rolling site at Cooper’s Hill in Brockworth has the capacity of around 5,000 people but last year the event attracted over 15,000. Bummer, in my day a 300% increase was a good thing!


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3 responses to “Move On, No Cheese Rolling To See Here

  1. Awwwrightyyy maties . . . next year at looners house!

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