Honey, Why Are My Teeth Glowing?

Just having a glass of water!

OK, people of Massachusetts, no need to panic just quite yet but the fluoride being put into your drinking water is from China and for some reason it ain’t dissolving. Rob Desmarais  the Department of Public Works Director said when he mixed the white powder with water, 40% of it didn’t dissolve and he doesn’t know what it is “It’s not soluble, and it doesn’t appear to be sodium fluoride.” Oh dear. Despite both the state and federal health officials claiming Chinese fluoride is safe Amesbury have turned off their fluoride pumps until they find out exactly what’s in it oh because the gunk is clogging their pumps. Good luck with that!


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10 responses to “Honey, Why Are My Teeth Glowing?

  1. Susi Spice

    well well welll so the list continues growing…

    First there was dodgy chinese food…
    then.. poisoned baby milk powder..
    crappy one-use products that you have to keep rebuuying again and again and again
    then friggin 91% Cadmium kids charm bracelets and now friggin radioactive material in massachusetts drinking water…

    i guess the old saying is true… you get what you pay for… we want cheap chinese products.. we get cheap chinese products…

    • I am guessing Australia is using the same shite. I can smell chlorine every time I take a shower. And no Bearman, I don’t bath in a swimming pool!

      • Susi Spice

        hahaha that was me that put chlorine in your shower water tank… funny joke wasnt it? 😛

      • The Celtic Queen

        Loon we run out water for a few minutes each day before using any of it. Same reason. Sunshine for some reason was worse. Imagine what goes into your tummy if you don’t. No wonder we have so much cancer.

  2. It’s dehydrated Prongy beer the Chinese bought from Kim Jung deuce. Ya gotta add radioactive waste to get it to rehydrate. Sheesh, any beer drinker knows that.

  3. Always thought florida water smelled funny.

  4. Philip

    The National Academy of Sciences did a thorough review on fluoride in 2006. They documented numerous deleterious effects of fluoride on many organ systems including increased potential risk for bone fractures (the well characterized disease of skeletal fluorosis) possibly increased risk of osteosarcoma, reduced IQ, thyroid dysfunction, endocrine dysfunction and others all 300 pages is online if anyone cares to confirm it. Of course don’t forget fluoride induced dental fluorsosis (i.e. teeth mottling and a sign of toxic exposure to fluoride) They ended with recommending that the EPA should more strictly regulate fluoride. Their findings mirror those in the peer-reviewed medical literature, while Harvard trained toxicologist also extensively documented behavioral changes in mice upon exposure to blood levels of fluoride not far greater than those experienced through water fluoridation and other sources of exposure. Former, well credentialed EPA scientists have been fired for bucking the political line on this issue. Meanwhile 90% of the fluoride placed into our water supply is not industrial grade sodium fluoride, it is silicofluorides, quite simply, scraped from the sides of Florida phosphate plant smokestacks. If it weren’t thrown into the water supply it would have to be disposed of as hazardous waste. You can read more on this starting here http://healthjournalclub.blogspot.com/2009/11/water-fluoridation-part-i.html if you suspect I am just making this all up.

    • Thanks Philip for the information, this is seriously frightening. To think we are poisoning ourselves thanks to nasty Chinese made plastic bottles and the government is poisoning us through nasty toxic fluoride.

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