Non Alcoholic Time Capsule

I waited 25 years to see their faces!

Pictures..check…VHS tape … check … magazine … check … bottle of brandy…WTF, where did it go? When officials dug up a time capsule which had been buried under concrete in Somerton, Arizona since 1985 they were shocked to discover everything was there except the bottle of brandy.

Psst They all swear the bottle was in the time capsule when it was buried!


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8 responses to “Non Alcoholic Time Capsule

  1. The Celtic Queen

    Yeah obviously!

  2. Susi Spice

    mmmhmmmmm and Michael Jackson did NOT have any cosmetic surgery on his nose..

  3. Don’t (hic) look at me.

  4. David Blane must have been on the committee…he magically removed it at the last minute.

  5. Tony

    Duh!!! Alcohol…
    Remember the alcohol swab you get when you’re up for a needle. It dries on your skin because alcohol evaporates.

    Now some skeptics would challenge my theory saying “OK well where’s the empty bottle?”

    Duh!!! Alcohol also preserves things.
    Therefore my little science students consider the equation;
    Evaporated alcohol + Glass Bottle= No preservation.
    Hence, the bottle without any alcoholic preserving agent simply decayed over the 2 1/2 decades of time.


    A dishonest & alcoholic time capsule bury-er simply drank all the Brandy then threw the empty bottle up onto the roof. Bet no-one checked the roof for an empty Brandy bottle…
    Do I have to explain everything???

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