OMG A Singing Penis!

What’s the bet this won’t be on Youtube very long? I suppose I should warn you…ah never mind!


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17 responses to “OMG A Singing Penis!

  1. Hhmm, a singing penis here – then there’s the link you left in MH to pics of penises !!!

    Jeez, you’re lucky, loon, that Dave’s on holiday else your fixation on the male sexual organ would have him inviting you to lie down on his couch for analysis 😆

  2. Susi Spice

    baahahahahhahahahah too funny

    loooonnnnyyyy u were searching for porn on YouTube werent u! lol dont deny it, this is proof!

  3. Lynn

    well loon, i see you’ve stooped to an all time low with this latest post! i agree with duncan in that you may want to schedule a session with dave when he returns, no doubt he will be charging you double to work out these issues!!!

  4. Lynn

    oh but i did find myself trying to figure out the technical specifics on how this vid was made…

  5. Counter Culture Clown

    >_> The killer condom could take care of that.

  6. LOL … it’s gone but not forgotten …

  7. Lynn

    not even clicking?? wtf? ya bunch of wimps!

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