When Identity Theft Sucks

It's your turn to get it honey!

Spare a thought for the elderly couple in Brooklyn who over the past eight years have had the police come a knocking over 50 times. Walter and Rose Martin (83 and 82) are used to hearing “Police! Open up!” because it seems their address is the address of choice for druggies, scam artists and fraudsters. Hmm, so now after 8 friggin years the NYPD’s identity theft squad  said they are going to investigate. Atta boys.


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7 responses to “When Identity Theft Sucks

  1. Isn’t that the cutest thing? In their 80’s and still discovering new things about themselves! 🙄

    • The Celtic Queen

      At least they’re not about to have a heart attack over it anymore . It would be a case of ‘Oh Yeah alright already ‘

  2. Looks like they will finally be able to sell their pot without disruption.

  3. Thank God for short-term memory…

  4. Walter and Rose Martin? NYC? OMG I have a …um..package due to arrive there on Monday. Time to make some phone calls I guess.

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