Police Taser God

The naked man who said he was God and the Devil had to be tasered by Washington county police after motorists rang 911 complaining he was jumping on passing cars and screaming. Hmm, heroin was found in “God’s” pockets!


Filed under All That Is Wrong With The World, Friggin Dumbass, Well I Never, Whoops!

7 responses to “Police Taser God

  1. What did they find in the Devil’s pockets?

  2. I don’t want to know where the pockets are on a naked man.

  3. I had the same question as Dennis the Vizsla.

  4. Sounds more like crystal meth to me. If it was heroin God would be nodding out in a parked car somewhere.

  5. What I don’t get is why the cops felt the need to intervene? It’s not that I’m against a good tasering mind you, but it sounds like he was already well on his way to eliminating himself as a problem before they got there! 😆

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