Especially for Susi Spice….Celtic Queen’s pussy cat, Louie. Meow!



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15 responses to “Louie

  1. Susi Spice

    awwww i have to admit that is one CUTE little pussy gato!! i like him cause he is fat…

    HOWEVER i probably would still get freaked out if he sat next to me.

    I had a cat walk right next to me on a couch at a friends place. i sat very still…then the evil cat decided to meowww and jump right across my chest at the same time and I ended up screaming and my heart was racing…stupid cat scared me 😦

  2. The Celtic Queen

    Now our Louie will stare you out ~mouth closed though~ and when he’s comfy with you he’ll start circling your legs and purring. He’s an adorable big British Shorthair boy and we all LURV him.
    See I thought you’d like him Susi
    It;s funny you called him Pussy Gato because our other grey cat was called Pussycato ! Lol

  3. Wow Celtic Queen, he’s beautiful! Almost doesn’t look real with the color of gray.

    What can I do to get my Spanish gato on here Loon?

  4. A nice looking cat & that’s coming from a cat unliker

  5. Yeah yeah…cute cute. wouldn’t want to cross him in a dark alley.

    • Susi Spice

      oh my gosh i just realised who he reminds me of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • The Celtic Queen

        That is so cute “I work hard, breeng home the meow mix” lol they do look alike but Louie is fatter and cuter and oh so VAIN. People my daughter knows have the same type of cat and his name is “MERLO” he’s cute too.

  6. He’s gorgeous. A Russian Blue?

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