Like I needed To Know This!

The dream!

Look away loons who are about to fly, you don’t want to be reading this. Pilot Bryan Griffin won £97,000 in compensation from Qantas after they failed to realize he was mentally unfit to fly a plane. Problem? He had overwhelming urges to crash the friggin planes he was flying into the ground. WTF! Yes, Mr Griffin “the pilot” had such strong compulsions on several occasions he had tried to cut the engines but instead left the flight deck to calm down. He also had urges to scream, ignore instructions and miss radio calls. Anywho, despite all of this several docs declared him fit to keep on flying. As the condition worsened he eventually resigned with with severe obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety and depression. Qantas are appealing the decision.


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7 responses to “Like I needed To Know This!

  1. Uh… maybe I’ll stick with British Airways on my next trip down under.

  2. Maybe I’ll sue my company for not realizing what an assclown I am.

  3. Susi Spice

    and mine for hiring me and not realising that i dont give a friggin shit!

  4. The Celtic Queen

    As I’ve mentioned before my Jan has Alzheimers and his Neurologist asked me ” how’s his drivng?” WTF?????? I asked him if he was friggin serious as I stopped him driving when I saw he wasn’t staying focused before he was actually diagnosed. God only knows who and what is out there on our roads. It’s a joke!!!! Now I have to worry about the sky Loon. Thank God we moved away from Tullamarine. It’s a scary thought indeed.

    • Blahahahaha CQ, everything is out to get us 🙂

      • The Celtic Queen

        Imagine what is on our roads really? The doctor asked me if I’d get in a car with him and I said “NO FRIGGIN WAY HE COULD KILL US BOTH” There are people with all kinds of sickness on our roads and some families have no social conscious. They can and probably do kill innocents. Another person I know was telling me that their grandfather still drives and has Alzheimers. His wife tells him which way to turn. Unbelievable isn’t it?

  5. Rain Man is not going to be happy to hear this.

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