What’s a bit of Tritium With Your Chinese Fluoride?

Anyone want a glass of water?

OK, no need to panic people, but could the residents of Vernon please report any unusual sightings of animals, with say, three heads! Oh yeah and while we are on the subject of Vernon, officials of their nuclear power plant say they have finally stopped the radioactive substance, tritium, leaking into the groundwater. Never you mind, they say there is absolutely no detectable levels of the radioactive stuff in the Connecticut River or the drinking water wells (yet) despite two leaky pipes causing the tritium to seep into the soil and groundwater. Oh deary me, the big old scare was caused by a clogged drain.


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12 responses to “What’s a bit of Tritium With Your Chinese Fluoride?

  1. I wonder what Roto-Rooter charges for unclogging a drain at a nuclear power plant?

  2. Susi Spice

    eh, get some drain-O or BAM! and the drain is unclogged

    • The Celtic Queen

      Susie that Easy off BAM is crap, either that or I’m an absolutely a filthy pig. It definitely doesn’t clean like they say or maybe mine was too clean already lol.
      That’s more like it. Draino would eat your pipes away. Remember in that movie when the pink poured Draino down the hooker’s throat? Never bought it since.

  3. The Celtic Queen

    Susi at the old house a neighbour said she used Mr Muscle to clean the oven. Seeing as we were moving I wanted the house to be spotless when the new occupants took over so I bought some. One spray of it sent me reeling. That stuff could kill you. Needless to say I threw that out as well as the fumes are just dreadful.

    • The Celtic Queen

      Oh Susie the Forresters are all your office with Bill AND yourself as smart girl Katie worked out they were planning to ruin Forrester Creations wit the Dare Collection. It ended with Bill threatening that Eric and Ridge have no idea what he’s going to do to them.. Watch it Monday!!!!! OOOOHHH !

      • Susi Spice

        omg!!!!!! finally!!!! i was thinking that Bill was acting out of character not to see right through it!


        for the oven i use this stuff called Oven OFF or something like that.. omg it is the best stuff….my condolensces to the ozone layer.

  4. That stuff makes your teeth so white they actually glow in the dark!

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