Out On A Limb

You know what’s a bitch? When teachers refuse to help a five year old stuck in a tree for health and safety reasons but dob in the passerby who eventually helps the little snowflake down . The little boy climbed the 20 ft tree and then refusing to budge so the teachers followed the guidelines by leaving him up there while they watched from inside the school. That’s when Kim Barrett spotted him and gave him a hand down. Enter head teacher from Manor school in Melksham.Instead of thanking the good Samaritan she was informed the school had rung the police for trespassing.


Filed under All That Is Wrong With The World, Friggin Nanny State, Thanks For Nothing, Well I Never

7 responses to “Out On A Limb

  1. The Celtic Queen

    Crazy head teacher should be arrested for doing SFA. What a joke!

  2. There aint no life nowhere.

  3. Friggin’ moronic teachers!!!

  4. No good deed goes unpunished.

  5. S. Le

    It’s just a crazy old world!

  6. Susi Spice

    i wish that the cops had turned around and charged the teachers with neglect of a child in their care.

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