Tree Man is Down

Death sentence

Ah loons, guess what? Tree man has placed his feet back on Terra Firma. Yes, Richard Pennicuik has finally come down from the tree that has been his home for 111 days. Having survived one of Perth’s hottest summers on record and one of the worst storms in 50 years Mr Pennicuik says he has proved his point (there ain’t nothing more Mother nature can unleash on him). The gum tree, which was deemed unsafe by the City of Gosnells, didn’t lose so much as a branch but despite this Gosnells Mayor Olwen Searle is still vowing to cut down the tree. A war weary and exhausted Mr Pennicuik said he won’t be going back up the tree even if the council brings the loppers in “Let them make themselves into the biggest idiots in the world.”  City of Gosnells 1, gum tree 0, Mr Pennicuik in need of a bath.

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One response to “Tree Man is Down

  1. linda dean

    I was just wondering why a “tree management fund” hasnt been started yet. Maybe if the council didnt have to pay for the maintenance they would consider it staying, as its a beautiful, strong native tree which provides shelter from the natural elements, as richard has said all along hey

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