Damn Friggin Traditions!

Okie dokie, here’s the thing affectionate father, taking photos of you kissing your 9 month old son on the head, ear and forehead is OK, but also taking photos of you kissing his buttocks and genitals, well that’s gonna get you in trouble. Sergio Diaz-Palomino, who was dobbed into police by a photo-processing employee, claimed the snaps  were simply the way their traditional family photos are taken and were in no way pornographic.Fortunately for Diaz-Palomino the sexual abuse charges were dropped, unfortunately he and his partner will now be deported because they are both illegal immigrants from Mexico. When it rains, it pours.


Filed under All That Is Wrong With The World, Thanks For Nothing, Whoops!

4 responses to “Damn Friggin Traditions!

  1. The Celtic Queen

    Some people just LURV their kids and I mean LURV them. You just love your kids not LURV your kids. Pervert. Should have been arrested and charged. Thrown in the slammer or exposed to bad guys who hate it when you LURV your kids too much.

  2. Sick pricks..that is all

  3. thepentecostalexpositor

    Huh. So when he kisses the genitals of his boyfriend it’s called oral sex. No, that’s just family love…

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