Won’t See That On The Packet


OK smokers finding it hard to quit? Well pull up a chair I think I can help you out. A University of Sydney professor Simon Chapman reckons cigarette filters may contain pig’s blood. Oh yummy, pig hemoglobin. Feeling woozy yet? Hmm, I am guessing the Jews, Muslims and vegetarians are going to be really pissed at this little revelation. So far the Tobacco industry are keeping their mouths well and truly shut about the allegation. Evidently the contents of  suicide sticks are highly confidential and have never been released to the public. Oink!


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8 responses to “Won’t See That On The Packet

  1. I think I’ve just spotted a gap in the market 😆

    Anyone got some spare cash and willing to invest in a new venture – kosher/halal/vegan fags ? 😉

  2. The Celtic Queen

    Well most of the Jews I know in Oz won’t give a damn as they usually go whatever way the wind blows. Especially if they are selling them.

  3. Hey, this could go an entirely different way. I don’t know about the rest of the world, but we Americans really LOVE our swine! With so many of our favorite treats being wrapped in bacon, and even a product called “Baconnaise” on the market, letting us know that it’s in our cigarettes might just be grounds for a serious smoking comeback! 🙄

    • susispice

      lol izaamak i can see the campaigns now…

      “try our new delicious pork flavoured cigarettes… it contains our 205746 secret ingredients that you know and love, but now… with canadian bacon and smoked bacon flavour! mmm now that’s what I call pig-smokin yum!”

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