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Keeping It In The Family

OK here’s the thing granny, having a sexual relationship with your grandson is one thing, having a baby with him is a whole other issue. Pearl Carter is 72 and she is madly in love with her grandson Phil Bailey 26. Not only do they plan to live happily ever after they have aranged for a surrogate to have their child. Come on Loons, I can’t make this up.Pearl met Phil after the daughter she gave up for adoption died and her son tracked her down. The first week they met was just the general getting to know each other but by week two they were …well you know…getting it on. Spoiler alert…here’s the happy couple.

Psst Now there is some “pants on the ground”, hey Celtic Queen? Freud would have a friggin fit!


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If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Ban A Burqa in Belgium!

Sheez, I better get to a hairdresser!!!

Well, well, well, Belgium has pipped France to the post by being the first country to ban the burqa. Yes sirree, a new bill has been written to ban the use of clothes or veils which cover the face and stop the wearer from being identified. Liberal Deputy Denis Ducarme said “We’re the first country to spring the locks that have made a good number of women slaves, and we hope to be followed by France, Switzerland, Italy, and the Netherlands; countries that think.” If ignored people face a fine or a jail sentence. Hey, don’t get your knickers in a knot , Iran and Saudi Arabia  have similar dress codes for westerners. Phew…the pressure is pretty much off the South Park dudes.

Psst And cue human rights organizations… can you hear the screeching Clarice?

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Heidi Is German?


Holy mountain goat Batman, Heidi could be German! Hmm, seems Swiss author Johanna Spyri may have nicked her storyline from a German book entitled  ‘Adelaide, the Girl from the Alps’ written 50 years earlier. As the echoes of plagiarism reverberate throughout the alps, Peter Buettner is defending his claim by saying he “never wanted to take Heidi away from the Swiss.”  Geez mister, wars have been started over less! Oh boy, it doesn’t really help that Heidi is a shortened version of Adelaide nor that the storyline is virtually identical. Poor old grandfather would be turning in his grave.

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You Know You’ve Made it When….

Take a bow Little Master,  Sachin Tendulkar just had a mango named after him.

Psst He’s the world’s greatest batsman. In cricket, for goodness sakes!


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Constance Cow

Nothing like a blue  checkered cow to clash with just about everything. Constance was designed by Graham Stove  and grazes outside the Gunyulgup Galleries begging to be noticed.

Graham Stove – You said you wanted a Leather Chesterfield…..


Makes a nice picnic cloth

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It Was All A Big Misunderstanding

Oh dear, a middle aged Swedish couple were kicked off a bus and charged with sexual harrassment  after it was alleged they had committed sex acts in plain view of the passengers. Despite numerous complaints about their hanky panky, the couple , a muscican and real estate agent, claim  “We did not have sex. She stroked me on my tummy just inside my shirt,”

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United Nations Have Lost The Plot

Oooh goodie!

This is either reverse psychology by the United Nations or it’s a friggin typo. Guess who has a four year seat on the U.N.’s Commission on the Status of Women? Come on, have a wild stab! Iran people, Iran. WTF! Evidently if you read right down deep on the latest U.N. press release, you’ll find it. They, with 10 other nations were “elected by acclamation” (no open vote). Terrific. I guess it will save them on paperwork… who needs to send them a harsh letter condemning their stoning and lashing of women, when they can just slip them a note at one of their get togethers. Hmm, I wonder if anyone will raise the issue of boobquake? You know,where the senior clerics believe earthquakes  are caused by women who wear revealing clothing. Anywho, while everyone is left scratching their heads in wonderment a group of Iranian activists sent a petition to the United Nations saying in part “women lack the ability to choose their husbands, have no independent right to education after marriage, no right to divorce, no right to child custody, have no protection from violent treatment in public spaces, are restricted by quotas for women’s admission at universities, and are arrested, beaten, and imprisoned for peacefully seeking change of such laws.” I’d love to be a fly on the wall of their first meeting!


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Ping Pong Table Slide Fail

Ping Pong Table 1, boy who thinks he can slide 0.


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Oh No, Not The Hot Sauce Bottle!

Oh for goodness sakes, an inmate at the Noble Correctional Facility in Caldwell (Ohio) has had to have surgery to remove a hot-sauce bottle from his butt. OK, OK, I know what you are thinking, he picked up the soap! But No. Evidently, despite originally claiming he had been assaulted in a shower he later retracted the story and said he had done it himself. Oh dear, apparently he was using the bottle as a sex device before it became stuck. There’s a nice medical bill for the taxpayers.

Psst I hope he left the lid on, otherwise extra ouch!


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Honey, This Coffee Tastes Like Crap

Want to make your mom sick? Try putting antifreeze in her coffee maker, that should do it. Michael Tangney Junior (18) was arrested after his mother Joyce Tangney became violently ill from ethylene glycol poisoning. Despite pleading guilty, Michael’s  parents requested that he not be jailed. He told police he did it as a practical joke.


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