Cape Fear Alright

Oh shit!

OMG, doctors and interns at the Cape Fear Valley Medical Center are in big doo dah after they tried to induce labor on a patient and when that failed they gave her a cesarian only to discover out she wasn’t pregnant. Whoopsie! Oh dear and to make matter worse it was an intern who made the original diagnosis.  Not to worry, doctors have been sent letters of concern. You can read more about the farce here.


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15 responses to “Cape Fear Alright

  1. Susi Spice

    no way is this another april fool story?

  2. I hope this was my first grade teacher.
    Man she was a pain.

  3. looks like the same team of doctors who removed the wrong testicle from a male patient recently 😆

  4. I can believe it with all the hospital BS we’ve been dealing with lately. The MIL went in after a fall where she bumped her head. What they are doing to that 83 year old woman is sad.

  5. The Celtic Queen

    Having been through both scenarios. I would not be friggin amused.

    • Susi Spice

      wat CQ? uve had the wrong testicle removed AND had a cesarian performed when u were not pregnant ? 😛 😛

  6. The Celtic Queen

    Lol lolol No Susi I’ve had induced labour all too late in the day and then a C section but I WAS pregnant. I was in labor for 2 friggin days and thought I was gonna die. At least I had a baby to show for it and this poor woman had all that for NOTHING . I’d KILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. The Celtic Queen

    No it was on I swear, sorry it is now called Motorway Patrol. One of the cops looked at suventeen. Lol but was wearing a weeding bend so I assume he’s older or not lol

    • Hey Susi and CQ I just went into the Margaret River Coles and they had friggin Bold and The Beautiful coffee mugs….Ridge, Old lady Forrester …the friggin lot blahahahhaa

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