Death By Volcano

Oh dear, a Swedish tourist has died after falling into an active volcano. The 25 year old was peeping over the lip of the crater after a dawn trek when he slipped 150m into the Mount Batur volcano in Bali.

Psst My sneakers once melted when I was filming an active volcano in Bandung. Yes, the Loon was melting!


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6 responses to “Death By Volcano

  1. The Celtic Queen

    Maybe they should take that creepy murderer there and throw him in too.

  2. Susi Spice

    hahaha all i could picture in my head was you as the wicked witch of the west crying out “im melting im melting” into the volcano..

  3. well if you will buy cheap shoes 🙄

  4. Well, I guess that will keep the volcano happy for another 5 years sparring everyone a deadly eruption….

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