If You Can’t Laugh At Yourself!

Oh for goodness sakes, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd should be friggin grateful comedian Robin Williams pulled the piss on the land down under. Better publicity than their friggin tourist campaigns!


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4 responses to “If You Can’t Laugh At Yourself!

  1. Hmm… he apparently hasn’t heard Williams rip rednecks in the US before. I’m sure if he looked, he’d seen that Williams rips on everyone. You’re right, he should just be happy about it. The correct response would have been “Sheeot, Mork from Ork ken come on down here teh bust on us anytime y’all!” Although he’d have to say it with an Aussie accent.

  2. The Celtic Queen

    I thought the same Loon. All the publicity we can get has to be good publicity.

  3. For goodness sakes what is wrong with Fuddy Ruddy. Remember when Harry the sook Connick carried on about a Red Faces rendition of the Jackson 5 & we thought he was being a big dork making such a fuss over something that was only meant to be funny not offensive. Isn’t Kevin doing the same? Shame Ruddy shame..

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