Another Thing Tony Blair Can’t Do!

I left it for a minute!

Oh for goodness sakes Mr Blair, surely you can cook a piece of toast without making a calamity of it? Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair caused mayhem when he attempted to cook some toast. The smoke alarm went off sending four engines racing to the scene only to discovered the char remains of a piece of multigrain ! Hmm, sure he wasn’t burning certain classified documents?


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5 responses to “Another Thing Tony Blair Can’t Do!

  1. The very same thing happened to Ryan on the American version of The Office. Coincidence? I think not.

  2. The Celtic Queen

    I did that this morning , no I wasn’t burning classified documents, I burned the multigrain toast and I have two smoke alarms which both went off . Nine foot ceilings are a bugger to reach to shut the things up, in a hurry that is. I had to run and get the broom and a towel as the noise was fierce.

  3. Counter Culture Clown

    More proof British food is bollocks. It probably wasn’t burnt, it was probably just how they prepare it. :\

  4. In britland the tale was Cherie was doing the burning and three fire-tenders attended?

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