No Easter Bunnies in Otago

Look away, look away....

Oh dear god, don’t be taking your little snowflakes to Central Otago in New Zealand anytime around Easter, they may witness the Great Easter Bunny Hunt (and not in a good way). Hmm, years of therapy right there! Every year hunters load up their rifles and guns and blow the crap out of any furry creature that may be considered a pest. That means you, little rabbits, hares, possums and stoats. This year saw 24,378 of God’s little creatures meet their maker prematurely. Here’s the slaughter tally 23,064 rabbits, 1,152 hares, 54 possums and 54 stoats. Happy Easter!


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13 responses to “No Easter Bunnies in Otago

  1. The Celtic Queen

    What they didn’t eat them? I bet they cut of their paws for good luck and made keyrings out of them for the tourists. Damned Kiwis. Poor little creatures.

  2. Hmm, equal numbers of possums and stoats, eh? Are the possums and stoats cohabitating? And what IS a stoat, anyway?

    • … and WTF is a possum? I could think of a few explanations for that word, but I’ll just sit tight until I get told what it is 😀

      • Big rodent looking thing.

      • The Celtic Queen

        Not so big really. Fluffy, makes a horrible devilish noise when being territorial. At night it would scare the s..t out of you and has a long tail. They will come and take food out of your hand when sitting at a campfire. I feed them KitKats and they love them lol

  3. No Kiwi hangups about game hunting then. Just imagine the number of rabbit pies you could make? From what acreage were they culled, South Island?

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