Lack of Easter Dress Sense

When you go to a family Easter dinner dressed in a T-shirt and denim shorts you normally don’t expect to get shot. Police say Evelyn Burgess (42) was not impressed when Danielle Pickens (19) rocked up to the dinner inappropriately dressed. Of course it ended in a fight but when Ms Pickens went outside to leave…kaboom…Ms Burgess shot her in the head with a shotgun. Ms Pickens later died in hospital. There goes Easter!


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7 responses to “Lack of Easter Dress Sense

  1. Lynn

    she didn’t like what the other woman wore so she killed her? damn that’s harsh! that woman needs to go to walmart, some of those people need killin’!

  2. I’m attending a fancy smancy wedding this weekend in which I’m sure I’ll not be dressed appropriately, I’m hoping the shotguns will be checked at the door.

  3. The Celtic Queen

    That’s just awfully sad. Does it really matter? Some people dress to kill but that is ridiculous. Poor thing.

  4. izziedarling

    Good grief!

  5. Susi Spice

    Evelyn though.. “what would Jesus do?”… and when the answer to that was not what she liked she thought.. screw this! ima get that skanky b itch!

  6. Ahnjahla

    Ok!! so you kill your cousin over what she had on?? that is fucked up!! fight and get it over with, but don’t kill the person wtf??

    • The Celtic Queen

      Fight and get it over with??? does it really matter that much what she wore? Isn’t it all about families and times spent together enjoying each other’s company? I don’t care what mine wear as long as the rock up.

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