Divorce Parties Can Be Fatal

The downside to having a divorce party is your ex might see your house decorated with banners “Free at Last” or a picture of him with “Pin the tail on the ex” and go berserk and kill you. Katrina Jones was just setting up her party when the ex, Brian Jones, came by. Angered by what he saw he stabbed her 12 times in the chest and arm. He is denying murder because of provocation. Hmm, good luck with that!


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5 responses to “Divorce Parties Can Be Fatal

  1. OOOO šŸ˜Æ Thank goodness my ex wasn’t around the night I celebrated …. I may not be here today!

  2. The Celtic Queen

    Risky business that’s for sure. Some people take it hard especially if they feel they’ve been hard done by or there are children involves . Some don’t want it to end and don’t have a choice. Just move on quietly and respect the process of allowing some dignity for the other shattered party. It’s not always about the party thrower you know.

  3. Susi Spice

    hmm can you imagine the precedent for thisĀ¬!?? you are right loon, that defence… “good luck with that”.

  4. He missed the chance for “intentional infliction of emotional distress” during the divorce hearings.

  5. So now he’s having a going away party?

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