Always a Bride Never a Bridesmaid

The ultimate cougar!

So guess who’s getting married again? Elizabeth Taylor, that’s who. Geez, after 8 failed marriages you would have thought she had had enough but evidently not. If rumors are true hubby number 9 will be Jason Winters of Sterling Winters Management. Ms Taylor (78) and Mr Winter (49) have been an item for over 3 years and have recently become engaged. Bless.


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8 responses to “Always a Bride Never a Bridesmaid

  1. Wonder if he’ll turn into the “Winter” of her discontent?

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  3. The Celtic Queen

    This will last all of five minutes. For the love of God Lizzie, you’re a hop skip and a jump off 80 .Give it a rest.

  4. Does she have the mental capacity to consent?

  5. My god that could be a computer generated, age-enhanced image of Tiger Woods. Look at that guy….it’s him in 30 years.

  6. Elizabeth looks utterly terrifying in the picture.

    Imagine waking up every morning to that but minus the make up (of which I imagine there’s a lot).

    I shudder to think…

  7. The Celtic Queen

    I saw her on TV last week doing and interview and I thought, OMG she’s so old now . Where does the time go? Well it’s gonna happen to all of us one day. It’s not that I don’t want her to be happy but this is too big a gap, there again if she marries an older guy he may die on her, I mean while he’s with her. lol

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