Come On Pay Fair

Say What?

A man, believed to be Polish, gave a taxi driver an offer he COULD refuse… sleep with my wife instead of paying the fare. The drunk man was picked up from the Wellington pub in Bolton but when he was driven home  refused to pay the fare.  Instead he allegedly asked the driver to come inside the house for “jiggy jiggy” with the missus. Hmm, if he said “jiggy Jiggy” I’d be thinking she was really fat. Anywho, the driver pressed the panic button and fellow drivers came to the rescue. After heated words and a few attacks on their cars the man raced into his house and came back wielding an 18 inch machete.  Exit taxi drivers who “parted like the Red Sea”.  Fortunately the driver managed to dial 999 after he was chased down the street by the machete swinger swinging passenger.

Psst Thanks to Dave at Hambo Central for this little gem.


Filed under All That Is Wrong With The World, Friggin Hilarious, I'm Just Saying !, Whoops!

3 responses to “Come On Pay Fair

  1. Strange place Bolton, not so far from Oldham of nobbly fame…

  2. Shouldn’t he have seen the wife first..haha

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