Richard Dawkins Wants The Pope Arrested

Well, well, well, author of The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins, is going where no man has feared to tread before. He’s on a mission to have the Pope arrested for crimes against humanity. He has even hired lawyers to sus out if Pope Benedict XVI can be charged over those damn sexual abuse scandals currently rocking the Catholic Church. Mr Dawkins angle will be that the Pope had intentionally shielded pedophile priests from the authorities “This is a man whose first instinct when his priests are caught with their pants down is to cover up the scandal and damn the young victims to silence,” Ooh ah, good luck with that!


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9 responses to “Richard Dawkins Wants The Pope Arrested

  1. “To be convicted of an accessory charge, the accused must generally be proved to have had actual knowledge that a crime was going to be, or had been, committed. Furthermore, there must be proof that the accessory knew that his or her action, or inaction, was helping the criminals commit the crime, or evade detection, or escape.”

    The above is Wikipedia definition of what it is to be an accessory to a crime. My understanding of this is that every bloody priest (including the Pope !!!) who did NOT report a pedophile priest to the civil authorities is guilty of being an accessory to that crime.

    They knew a crime had been committed but sought to conceal that crime from the police – thereby allowing the perpetrator to escape punishment and denying justice to the victims of the abuse. They should all – including the Pope – be prosecuted as accessories to the abuse of these children.

  2. The Celtic Queen

    I agree wholeheartedly Duncan but it will never happen and it should. Nobody , not even the Pope should be immune to prosecution if he withheld information from Civil authorities. He is after all, just a man.

  3. Susi Spice

    that should go for all politicians too. The catholic church stood by and did nothing while this was going on and so did all those governmental bodies who heard about it and did nothing, the schools, the home groups etc. lets just sue the entire Catholic church.

  4. I like Richard Dawkins style, even if it is a long shot. The Pope’s whole “best interests of the Church” is a bit hard to swallow

  5. I love Dawkins that much more now. If he (the Pimp) knew and shielded the priests from prosecution then he is an accessory to the crime. At least in the states. No one is above the law, as much as they want to believe they are.

  6. Pop=rapist

    The pope is an accessory after the fact, that makes him just as guilty as those he is protecting.

    He is a rapist, put him in a cage until he is dead.

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