Top Russian Judge Murdered

When you’re a high profile judge from Moscow presiding over racist motivated murders you should be watching your back. Judge Eduard Chuvashov was shot and killed, in what is believed to be a contract hit, as he left his apartment. Despite receiving numerous death threats and his photograph appearing on several radical websites, the judge took no action to protect himself. Last week Mr Chuvashov jailed three ultra-nationalists for murder and in February he sentenced a group of skinheads to 23 years in jail for murder, all were race motivated. Last year he also presided over the trial of Alexander Bulbov, an agent of the federal drug control service who was accused of embezzling $3.2 million. Hmm, who was behind the hit? Take your pick.


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3 responses to “Top Russian Judge Murdered

  1. Hmmm … one wonders if whoever is behind is murder is caught, whether any other judge would be prepared to take on the case!

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