It’s All One Big Conspiracy

Why the hell didn’t I see. Retired Bishop Giacomo Babini of the Italian town of Grosseto believes the recent sex scandals sweeping through the Catholic Church have been orchestrated by the Freemasons and the Jews. Hello, we all know they are “eternal enemies of Catholicism”. Geez, slap me down Dan Brown for not seeing this coming! Mr Babini believes that it’s primarily a Zionist attack aimed at bringing down the church. How simple, right there in front of our eyes! Basically he thinks the Jews are “God-killers” and that “guilt is graver than what Christ predicted would happen to them, saying ‘do not cry for me, but for your own children.'” Whoa! And if you think that was a little bit harsh, Mr Babini had to go and bring up the Holocaust “Don’t believe that Hitler was merely crazy. The truth is that the Nazis’ criminal fury was provoked by the Jews’ economic embezzlement, by which they choked the German economy.”  OK, now I am backing right away, you are on your own now mister!

Psst Hmm, so how does that explain all the children who were molested by Catholic priests again?


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10 responses to “It’s All One Big Conspiracy

  1. Susi Spice

    and people say im crazy when I tell them that the catholic church is evil lol

    maybe the children were conceived by jews and freemasons specifically to plant them in the various places around the world just so that over at least a 50 year period the priests would fall into the trap and molest them.. In the meantime only bringing this up 10, 15. 20 years later securing enough psychological disturbance in those planted children to really make the world believe the priests were doing these things. it was a whle conspiracy instigated decades ago just for this precise moment in time… genius!

  2. FFS! Is Giacomo showing signs of advancing years or tertiary syphylis?

    • Oooh ah Dave, tertiary syphilis sound nasty 😦

      • it was, but not so frequently sen these days, except in mad old sexual sinners…

      • The Celtic Queen

        Yeah and he’ll be dragging his legs around. I knew a guy who got syphilis and his right leg got affected by it . He was dragging it around for months He thought he’d pulled muscle. He went to hospital and they worked it out pretty quickly. It can affect the joints, the brain the bits and God knows what else. Very nasty lol

  3. Ha, I’m reading Lost Symbol right now. And this could definitely be the next Brown book. Throw in this crazy theory and some cool descriptive phrases like ‘inky blackness,’ ‘nervous trembling,’ and ‘blowing wind’ and he’ll have another winner.

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