Friggin Facebook

For Stan the nightmare begins….


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4 responses to “Friggin Facebook

  1. The Celtic Queen

    Sounds like some of my Facebook friends,
    good one Loon.

  2. I hate friggin facebook. Triple C said they need to add a fuck you button to the response page. I’m in total agreement.

    • haha…that would be great. A “who the fuck are you” button would be helpful too.

      • The Celtic Queen

        I love Facebook. But I do agree with the whoTF are you button because some bloggers contact you on Facebook and it says 1 Message, no name no nothing so of course you open it to find out some pink haired clown wants a word. It should say who it’s from and give you an option to decline the messages if you so desire.. That’s my only gripe with the message part of Facebook. Other than that how the hell would I known that Jammers has nice runners.(Gravatar shoes) .
        I removed the link so that took care of the problem. It’s only for friends now and only if I want them as friends. The ones I have now are about as much as I want or can be bothered reading. It gets all too hard.

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