You’re On Your Own!

Can't wait for that shower!

OK, here’s the thing people, if you happen to survive a nuclear blast don’t be expecting anyone to be coming to your rescue anytime soon. In fact the White House has warned state and local governments they’d be damn lucky if a response from a “nuclear” terrorist attack happened within 24-72 hours. Hello, if  Hurricane Katrina is anything to go by, I’d be thinking  more likely 350hrs to NEVER! So if by some off chance you are caught in a 10 kiloton nuclear explosion here’s what the government suggests you do, unless of course you’ve already been vaporized, stay indoors, have a shower and wait. Pretty easy to remember.


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11 responses to “You’re On Your Own!

  1. Lynn

    don’t forget loon, we all stocked up on duct tape after 9-11 to secure plastic on our windows. we dont want any of that crap gettin’ in and disrupting a nice evening with fast-food and american idol. oohhh..what??…did i go too far with this comment?

  2. Susi Spice

    so u guys stocking up on water, twinkies (cause i hear these things can last decades), cocacola (im sure there will be some new discovery that cocacola prevents mutations in a nuclear blast or something, frozen vegies, dehydrated meats etc?

    that reminds me… I need to do grocery shopping tonight…

    to buy:
    beef jerky..

  3. The Celtic Queen

    If the blast doesn’t get you the preservatives will. Have you guys over in WA built your bunkers yet? It it’s not hurricanes, fires, floods, tsunamis it will be preservatives. Just think you’ll already be buried lol. Susi will still look like Susi after being dead for years.

  4. laughlaugh

    Make sure you stock up on tasty guppies:

  5. IF the nuke does go off near you there will be no power for the shower, or water in the ruptured drains. My advice, head between legs and kiss your arse goodbye!

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