The Real South Park

I’m not a big South Park fan but the Dutch…sheez…ever heard of animators? Here’s what happens when they turn a cartoon into real people! If you are easily offended I suggest you don’t watch!

Psst No way this would ever get passed by our censors!


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8 responses to “The Real South Park

  1. Susi Spice

    OMG that is hilarious ahhahahhaa

    • Susi Spice

      though i think the cartman kid should have been a fatter kid, i mean like fatty boomba fat

      • Hey Susi Spice, you going to the Red Bull tomorrow?

      • Susi Spice

        nah ive been before, i get bored of it after like 20 mins hehe. My office is overlooking the swan river where they practice so ive already seen it all this week, but i was in a meeting when the plane went down so i missed that.. hehe

  2. I’m not at all certain whether I’m offened slightly by this or it’s comedic genius!

  3. Hehe . . . hehe. . . hehe . . .

  4. Could they have worked out their comedic timing a little better…geez.

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