Crystal Bowersox, Get Her Off The Show

OK loons, you know I love watching Idol, I back anything that gives young hopefuls a chance to break into the recording industry (even if it means selling their soul). But if Idol had any smarts they would get Crystal off the damn show and straight into a recording studio ASAP. She is a gem who doesn’t need to have this show whacked on her resume. She is vulnerable, talented and also quite ill (diabetes). She hasn’t got anything more to prove, save us the agony and just give her a recording contract already!


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16 responses to “Crystal Bowersox, Get Her Off The Show

  1. Don’t they have Australian Idol for you to talk about??

    • No they friggin canceled it. It usually follows when the American Idol season finishes. Ours is crap 🙂 Mostly full of Hillsong singers.

    • The Celtic Queen

      Bearman it gets worse Ijust heard our ex premier of Victoria Jeff Kennett say on 3 AW this morning that we may get a KIWI football team. NO PLEASE God No don’t do this to us. The umps will have to learn Kiwi talk and do the Haka. The game takes long enough. Think of the injuries, they are all built like brick shit houses and play rugby usually. No stick to AFL only.

  2. Lynn

    correction susi: it’s all crap, .. shh..we don’t want to wake the loon..

  3. The Celtic Queen

    BOWERSOX what kind of a name is that? lolol Imagine the LOOKS she gets .

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