Liquid Manure Is Not A good Hiding Place

Like this, only in liquid form!

Stop looking people, a man on the run from police has been found hiding neck deep in a liquid manure pit on an Indiana farm. Oh dear god, the 52 man, wanted on methamphetamine charges, was spotted by a police officer as he wallowed in a tank of hog and dog feces underneath an outbuilding floor. It is believed he was soaking in the shit for over an hour in an attempt to hide from police. Bags not sitting next to him in the cop car. Oh and once he was extracted from the slosh he was stun gunned twice for becoming a little shitty. All and all not a good day.


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9 responses to “Liquid Manure Is Not A good Hiding Place

  1. Susi Spice

    hes in deep shit now… no wait…

  2. An old trickcyclist colleague of mine had to hide facedown in a field of rotting sprouts when the man he went to section under the mental health act opened up with a shotgun!

  3. Meth addicts are my new infatuation. I just love them! Have you ever seen Breaking Bad Loon?

    • Lynn

      OMG scott! we dont miss that show! it’s our new tv series passion. of course i am addicted to madmen too and cant wait for the new season to start.

  4. cmblake6

    Susi, damnit, stole my line! Eeeww, that’s a shitty thing to do, you know?

  5. Another Loon story that was covered on my LOCAL news.

  6. Lynn

    i saw this on our local news last night. they said the man didn’t want to come out and actually seemed to enjoy being there. (true)

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