Mohammad Mocking on South Park

Forget Killing Kenny, Trey Parker and Matt Stone are on the extremists hit list radar for mocking Mohammad. Run boys, run! The South Park creators have decided to censor their show after they received  threats jihads fatwas warnings over their piss pulling on Mohammad.  You know you just can’t depict Mohammed in a bear suit and think you can get away with it. OK, yes,  sure Scientology isn’t so scary, so, yes, Tom Cruise in a closet is acceptable, but guys…. move over Salman you’re hogging the blankets!


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10 responses to “Mohammad Mocking on South Park

  1. Susi Spice


    the reverence, homage and dedication that these people hold to this mortal man mohammed is actually in contravention of the ultimate law of God which is NOT to worship anyone that isnt God.

    So technically they should be putting a jihad on themselves

  2. The Celtic Queen

    Good thinking 99

  3. That they censored themselves irritates the shit out of me. Grow a set boys. I might have to dedicate an entire new blog to the piss taking out of Mohammad. I go after the loony Christians, why not go after the loony Muslims?

  4. From what I’ve read, it was Comedy Central that did the censoring, over Parker and Stone’s objections. (They released a statement about it that can be found at Huffington Post and elsewhere.)

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