NSW Named and Shamed Food Outlets

It must be that time of the year again when NSW names and shames food outlets. Two noted recipients of the health and safety violation fines are Delicious Noodle in  Tarree  for selling food with a roach in it and having a premises literally crawling with the pests and Bankstown Bakehouse who sold a loaf of bread with a cockroach embedded in a slice.  Kinda makes you want to eat at home!


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15 responses to “NSW Named and Shamed Food Outlets

  1. Lynn

    when i was a kid my mother brought some dunkin’ donuts home and found a roach in one. a whole roach intact. still freaks me out to this day!

  2. The Celtic Queen

    I have a thing about eating out. I know I wash my hands and I know what ingredients I use. I know how they’re prepared and I know I won’t get sick.
    Our kids and their partners are all professionals who eat out a lot to save time and always having stomach problems. Ewh! I keep telling them.

    • Lynn

      i have thing about eating out too. most restaurants serve genetically modified or mass processed food. basically crap they ship in from from a few nationwide distributors to feed the masses. no thank you. id rather eat real food grown preferably in a local garden although that’s not easy to find these days. one has to look for these places in this country. oh yeah, and at least you can wash the bugs off in your sink!

      • Great so you are taking up valuable land with your home grown vegetables that don’t feed that many people when it could be used for genetically modified food growth that could feed many..haha

  3. Susi Spice

    but not as bad as finding human blood in your burker king whopper like the NZ couple did

  4. Jeez! It’s getting so if you didn’t grow it and prepare it yourself, you’d be better of leaving it alone! 😐

  5. It’s just a big caraway seed …

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