Shitload of Pineapples

You should be so lucky!

Like it, coming ready or not. The Aussie homeless are in for a bit of a surprise, yep, 1.1 million kg of pineapples (that’s 50 semitrailers folks) are heading their way compliments of Golden Circle. You see, Golden Circle were acquired by US company Heinz in 2008 but  still had the “proudly Australian owned”on their product labels. So the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said dispose of them or else. Enter Foodbank Australia who gladly took the gift. “This is just magic product  … if you think of any number of meals where you can use pineapple – it can be used in any of the three meals of the day and of course it’s shelf-stable.” Hmm, OK, I give up, I can only think of Hawaiian pizza, sweet and sour pork and plain old pineapple. I haven’t eaten pineapple in food since the 80’s and that was on a toothpick with a chunk of cheese!

Psst Why was it only the pineapple cans labeled wrongly? Hmm?????

2nd Psst It kinda reminds me of the famous muffin stumps for the homeless Seinfeld ep. Can’t remember it, here’s a reminder…..


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3 responses to “Shitload of Pineapples

  1. Susi Spice

    lmao i thought of the same episode when i read about this loon.

    i also thought if they are “homeless” they dont have a home or a kitchen or a stove or matches… and if they dont have the lid opening ring how the hell are they going to get into the darn things if they dont own a can opener!?

  2. Maybe some homeless guy can get rich writing a book called 1001 things to do with a can of pineapple.

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