House From Hell


Ok, not wanting to sound like a friggin horror plot…OK, no choice. A Washington school principal who was murdered in his house last week had been concerned about the house’s horror history . When Brian Betts’ bought the house in 2003 he had no idea George Russell and his 9 year old daughter , Erika Smith, had been murdered in it just the year before. A slight oversight by the real estate agent no doubt!  Anywho, as soon as he moved in a neighbor told him of its grisly past, freaking the principal out enough that he organized an exorcism. Police are pretty sure his murder was not related to the double murder. Just a coincidence you say?


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2 responses to “House From Hell

  1. “This house is cleansed.”

    Or not.

  2. The Celtic Queen

    I thought that sort of thing had to be declared at the time of selling the property. Ewh ! scdary stuff though.

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