WWII Grenades Dredged up

Anyone for clam chowder?

You sometimes find the darnedest things when you go dredging off Long Island. Just ask the Massachusetts shellfish plant who got a nice little surprise when they found 126 hand grenades in its load of clams. Some of the little buggers still had pins in them (the grenades silly!). Kaboom, clam bake! The grenades were found in wooden crates dredged up  with the mud and gunk the plant workers were sifting through.  Enter the Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad and exit all the workers while the WWII grenades were detonated safely.

Psst Hmm, maybe someone should be worried about what the hell else is lying at the bottom of the sea bed off Long Island?

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One response to “WWII Grenades Dredged up

  1. Tina

    Imagine working in the office at this plant on that day as I and others were???? If I had known that they were actually dangerous I would have been long gone first thing in the morning when I arrived and was told about them. Just a thought.

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