No Penis Enlargements For Papua Police

OK recruits, drop them!

Well alrighty then, men who have had their penis enlarged need not apply for a job as a police officer in Indonesia’s Papua, OK? Seems the Papua police chief Bekto Suprapto ain’t signing up no big dicks because for starters it hinders their training. Evidently some of the Papuan tribesmen have a do-it-yourself method for getting themselves well endowed. OK, OK Bearman, I know you are dying to know how, so here goes… they wrap their penis in leaves from the “gatal-gatal” (itchy) tree so it swells to an enormous size and viola (one red, itchy as hell, swollen dick!). Hmm, I can now see how it hinders their training!


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11 responses to “No Penis Enlargements For Papua Police

  1. Susi Spice

    hmm loon u may need to do some background research… i have a few questions
    1. if their peepee is enlarged swollen and red… how long does it last?
    2. do they have sex with their partners with this itchy enlarged red penis?
    3. does the itch transfer to the girls weewee?
    4. or do they just show it off and then let it go back to normal before they have pookie? cause that would just defeat their whole purpose wouldnt it?
    5. who was the wise woman that convinced the first man to try this and then made them all believe it worked? she should get an Oscar for her performance..

    • I regret to inform you Susi Spice, I can’t answer one friggin of your questions. In fact I have a few of my own …. like…..why?
      Sounds nasty!

      • Susi Spice


        and how small must they be to do this….or big are the women? are these men feeling like they are throwing a sausage down a hallway??

  2. Personally I have been kicked in the nuts which made them engorged and red and made me in no mood for sex, so if this is anything like it…no thanks.

  3. Probably the same stuff Angelina puts on her lips.

  4. Lynn

    yeah youre right loon, bearman would be dying to know this information. i wonder why?

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