Keeping It In The Family

OK here’s the thing granny, having a sexual relationship with your grandson is one thing, having a baby with him is a whole other issue. Pearl Carter is 72 and she is madly in love with her grandson Phil Bailey 26. Not only do they plan to live happily ever after they have aranged for a surrogate to have their child. Come on Loons, I can’t make this up.Pearl met Phil after the daughter she gave up for adoption died and her son tracked her down. The first week they met was just the general getting to know each other but by week two they were …well you know…getting it on. Spoiler alert…here’s the happy couple.

Psst Now there is some “pants on the ground”, hey Celtic Queen? Freud would have a friggin fit!


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8 responses to “Keeping It In The Family

  1. My feelings about this are overwhelming.

  2. The Celtic Queen

    I can’t get my head around this kind of stuff and pants are definitely on the ground Loon. Ewh!

  3. izziedarling

    Where should I vomit?

    • The Celtic Queen

      In Oz a couple of years ago they had various couples on sixty minutes confessing their love for their fathers mothers or brothers. I felt sick to my stomach just thinking about it. Some even had children by their own father and as a result the children they produced had huge problems which resulted in death for some. Obviously in Pearl’s case she’d need a surrogate. GSA maybe is very real but at that age do you have to act on it? The age difference in this case is extreme to say the least. I showed this to my kids and they literally gagged!!!! I think there are boundaries that must never be crossed with family members and this is one of them.
      If her daughter had lived what would she’d have thought of her own mother?

  4. The Celtic Queen

    But the young of today still think there kids at that age. As a woman she should know better. Men will always shag anything because that’s what they do lol. Just imagine those old pubes and boobs. What a friggin turn off!!!! When I get to that age hopefully I won’t be carrying on like that but there are those who definitely do.. I’m just saying…

  5. I didn’t like this story when it was “Harold and Maude” either.

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