Heidi Is German?


Holy mountain goat Batman, Heidi could be German! Hmm, seems Swiss author Johanna Spyri may have nicked her storyline from a German book entitled  ‘Adelaide, the Girl from the Alps’ written 50 years earlier. As the echoes of plagiarism reverberate throughout the alps, Peter Buettner is defending his claim by saying he “never wanted to take Heidi away from the Swiss.”  Geez mister, wars have been started over less! Oh boy, it doesn’t really help that Heidi is a shortened version of Adelaide nor that the storyline is virtually identical. Poor old grandfather would be turning in his grave.

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One response to “Heidi Is German?

  1. The Celtic Queen

    Adelaide are they friggin serious? Where did they pinch the name from, our city of churches? Our old posties name was Gary Melbourne and his sister was Victoria Melbourne. There are names you just don’t called your kids.

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