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DNA Again Proves A Man’s Innocence


Well I think there may be a party going on in New York tonight in honor of Frank Sterling who has just been exonerated after spending 19 years behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit. Hallelujah for DNA people. Mr Sterling originally confessed to the murder of 74 year old Viola Manville in 1988 after being interrogated all night and then slipping into a hypnotic state. Despite years of protesting his innocence it was only recent DNA testing that vindicated the truck driver and also identified the real killer as being Mark Christie ( who has now confessed).


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Epic Celebration Fail

Oh for goodness sakes guys, make sure the friggin clock runs down before you celebrate! No seriously, this is an epic fail!


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Fun With Lil Marcy

Run loons, run. The scariest thing you see all week. For the love of god don’t friggin click it….. Paranormal Activity was a joke compared to this!!!!


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Stupid Is As Stupid Does.

You would think Yancy Terrell Cochran was doing the right thing bailing his friend out of jail. Well, yes, if he hadn’t of used a friggin counterfeit $50 bill. Dumbass. A Scott County clerk spotted the fake bill amongst the other $50’s and immediately tested it using a special pen. After denying any knowledge of the counterfeit note, Cohran eventually admitted to making it at home. Doh! Now he’ll probably need a friend with a computer and printer to bail him out!

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Australian Government vs Cigarette Companies

It's not the brand that's killing people!

Australia Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who has failed in just about every policy promise during his term in office, is now taking on the tobacco giants. Good luck with that! He is not only whacking a 25% tax on ciggies he is also going to force the tobacco companies to use plain packaging as of 1st July, 2012. Hmm, so what does that mean? The new legislation will prohibit logos, brand imagery, colors, and promotional text other than brand and product names in standard color, position, font style and size on all cigarette packets. Oh and lets not forget his internet censoring policy agenda…Internet advertising of cigarettes will also be restricted. In response a spokeswoman for Imperial Tobacco Australia said the company was preparing to “legally” fight the Government over the proposed changes. Democracy gone dot com!

Psst Be careful what you wish . How much money does the government rely on each year from its cigarette taxes? Anywho, all it means is there is now a new market for people to design  logo riddled cigarette cases!


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I thought she loved me!!!!

The world of espionage is alive and kicking, if the 19 year old relatively unknown Russian model, Ekaterina “Katya” Gerasimova, is to believed. Seems she’s a secret agent for the Kremlin (aka Mr Putin) with the sole aim of luring government critics into embarrassing sex traps. Hmm, seems to be working. Six suckers have already seen the inside of her Moscow flat and bed ( paid for by the secret service). Too bad it’s rigged with sophisticated recording devices. Isn’t that right Mikhail Fishman (editor of Russian Newsweek), who was taped snorting cocaine as Katya walked around naked.

Psst So I am guessing all the gay critics are safe?


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Miss Beau Vine

Originally Miss Beau Vine was first seen grazing in Lions Park, Busselton,  but by the time I had got there, she was well and truly gone.  Anywho, after a little investigative journalism I discovered she was roaming around a shopping centre in her autumn coat. Miss Beau Vine was the creation of artist Susan Hood.

Miss Beau Vine – Beau was inspired by the changes in the region from the original Dairy Herd Bovines to the new world famous Beau Vines producing fantastic wines.

Miss Beau Vine goes AWOL


Relocated to outside Coles


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Whoopsie daisy, a Denton woman is still a little stunned after a demolition crew tore down most of her house. Problem was, they were suppose to tear down the one across the street. Awkward! The house had been in the family for 47 years.


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Say What?

Dare ya!

OK, here’s the thing mister smarty pants, you call a woman fat expect to lose a chunk of your ear, alright! When Anna Godfrey was told she was fat by a man at a party, she tackled the fool and chomped off a part of his ear. He’s in hospital, she’s in jail. Lose/lose.


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Everybody Duck!


Can the owner of the car with a multi million dollar space balloon splattered over it please come to the front counter. A NASA space balloon has come to an embarrassing end after it crashed through a fence and onto a car (tipping it over) shortly after taking off in Alice Springs. The balloon and it’s payload are now scattered into a thousand pieces (well, there goes the duct tape suggestion) after springing a leak 26,000m up.No one was injured (except for pride).

Psst Geez, I hope there was nothing important in it ! Another tax right-off!


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