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Breaking News!

It must have been one hell of a  late one for the journos at . Geez, and here I was thinking I had found a cool story for the Loons! Turns out it was a typo! Not to worry,  Kristen Stewart will be gone tomorrow!


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Madhatters are Desperate

OK, here’s a shout out to all the Loons, can you go over to the friggin Madhatters and put them out of their goddam misery.No really, those bottom dwellers have been feebly trying to reach  400,000 hits and it’s getting friggin painful to watch. Go on just click here Madhatters. Think of it as charity work!!!!


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Sighted at “Cow Bombie”

Yeah, thought I’d forgotten  huh? Nope, here is another cow for your viewing pleasure, Sighted at “Cow Bombie” . This lazy assed, bikini clad  Bovine spends most of the day soaking up the sun and pretending she can surf, dead set!

Ella Jackson-Walley : We are heading for “Cow Bombie” in our south west where you will find a surf break to equal the best. Surfers come from all over the world to try and catch the big one that’s  heading for shore and about to curl. Here you will find the top guns and the fledgling little grommies – but nothing will compare to our princess – Sighted at Cow Bombie!

Sighted at Cow Bombie

Nice hooves!!!

Can you be a love and rub some cream into my hide?

These togs are seriously unflattering to a cow!


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Man Kabooms His Balls

Oooh, nasty!

Oh dear, we have a bleeder!!! A man shopping in the Lynnwood Department store in Seattle has accidentally shot himself in the testicles. Geez, how many times do I have to tell you not to carry your friggin gun in your waistband? Police spokeswoman said he was wounded in the balls, leg and foot. Hmm, how does that work? Anywho, no word on what he was shopping for.


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They Should Get a Licking!

Oh for crying out loud, the police in New Zealand are looking for five people believed to be teenage girls, who held up a Auckland take-away store with a gun, knife and hammer. They got away with between 50-70 ice creams. Yep, after failing to get the till open, the group then focused their attentions on a freezer full of ice-creams. Geez, I hope they get an acne breakout!


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Thirst Is Creepy

Hell yes, New Zealanders really know how to make creepy ads. These commercials are based on the the fact that one of the early signs of thirst is…. “creepy mouth”!!


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Les Grossman Advises Robert Pattison

Here’s a sneak peek at Tom Cruise, who is revising his role as Les Grossman for MTV Awards, giving some advice to Robert Pattinson about washing his hair….OK, it ain’t no Hitler rant but it’s still friggin hilarious!


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