I Want Your Sole

When Daniel Wayne Staley went digging around in a Jewish cemetery all he really wanted was a foot, so he took one from the corpse of a  girl. The Dallas teen was caught carrying around the foot in bag after a witness saw it. He has now been charged with theft of a human corpse.


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7 responses to “I Want Your Sole

  1. Necrophilia meet a foot fetish?

      • The Celtic Queen

        I was just thinking Loon about how long it’s going to be before someone digs up Carl for the coffin souvenir ?
        I hate the fact that he’s buried in the same place near my friend’s daughter who died of breast cancer. I guess cemeteries don’t discriminate.


      • Blahaha I wonder if the gold is fake? Hmm, it’s interesting how his face was beaten to a pulp (that not even the medics recognized him)…I wonder if he’s really dead. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is in witness protection. Roberta and the daughter didn’t seem all that upset….I’m just sayin!

      • The Celtic Queen

        Roberta has had many guys since Carl so she was used to him not being around but this is a tad more permanent. . She was even going to become a Muslim for one of them but that fell by the wayside. Even her own sister is sick of her. Now her cash cow has gone she’ll be crying poor by years end.
        Carl dies and Roberta and daughter were at the hairdresser getting a blow wave ready for their media interview. Dahkota is still sucking her dummy at age 9. WTF???? Then the Hummer !!!! who has a Hummer Limo for a funeral car? Only a gangster’s mol.

        Roberta is a money grabbing attention seeking bitch and I just hate that kind of female. Every time Carl shit the wrong way it meant $$$ and Roberta’s face crops up one again in The Woman’s Weekly. She doesn’t live too far away from here either.
        How was The Zoo article in the bikini. saying “I’ve changed, please be kinder to me?” Oh pulease Roberta!!
        When I bought the air conditioner at Retravision at Highpoint I jokingly said to the sales guy that he looked like Carl , which he did. He said he’d had Roberta in the day before haggling for the biggest and the best fridge one could possibly get for the best deal of course. I wonder if it was gold like his coffin? lol

  2. left or right?

    what shoe size?


  3. izziedarling

    Beyond the pale, Loon. One less sicko off the streets, and hopefully his own feet.

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