Lucky Country Indeed Jaspeet Singh

Remember Jaspeet Singh who set fire to his car in an insurance scam and blamed it on racist thugs, thus  starting a friggin international war of words with India ? Well guess what? He walked free from court today despite admitting his guilt. In handing down her sentence Deputy Chief Magistrate Felicity Broughton said Singh’s crime was a stupid “premeditated enterprise” that brought shame to himself, his family and his community.  Hmm, so  she then gave him an eight months  jail sentence, but suspended it for two years. Singh, who lives in Australia on his wife’s spousal visa, set fire to his $8,000 car in an attempted insurance scam but when he accidentally set  fire to himself , he blamed it on racist Aussie thugs. The president of People Against Lenient Sentencing, Steve Medcraft said “Tell him to grab his petrol can and take it home,”

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One response to “Lucky Country Indeed Jaspeet Singh

  1. The Celtic Queen

    He and his missus should be deported immediately. Why do we need crap like this taking up space in Oz?

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