Baby Mummy Missing

The craziest mummy story you’re going to hear all week. Picture this, nearly a century ago a baby died soon after childbirth but rather than bury it, the family decided to keep it as a memento. The mummified body then became part of the family, looked after in part by Charles Peavey. Relatives would give it cards during the holidays and it was also given a dried fish as a pet. However in 2006 Peavey’s 4 year old niece let slip at daycare about the baby, resulting in the 18 inch mummy being DNA tested. The results later confirmed the child had died from natural causes but unfortunately it couldn’t be returned to Mr Peavey because they couldn’t conclude that the mummy was actually related to him. Oh boy! Anywho, so in 2008 the baby was buried in an unmarked grave at Concord’s Blossom Hill Cemetery.OK, so now here is where the story gets a little weird. Last weekend authorities found the grave disturbed and when they exhumed it the mummified baby was no longer in the casket. Gone I say, gone. Hmm, I wonder where it went? Mr Peavey denies any involvement.


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12 responses to “Baby Mummy Missing

  1. Susi Spice

    I have the scoop on this one..
    no it wasnt me!

    Well after the child died the man (taxidermist) who mummified the child put a curse on it because the family didnt pay half of his fee at the time. The child must remain in the peavey family for 500 years, for if it is removed from their care this baby mummy will take on all the evil, hate and bitterness of the taxidermist and unleash it upon the city from which it was taken… its return will bring forth the plague of mice and the deathly black of the middleages of Europe to the city and all its inhabitants….

    “mama mama.. IM GOING TO KILL YOU ALL”

  2. There was a bar, way back when I was a kid, prior to dirt, where there was a small clear patch in a blanked out window. You could look through the patch and see a mummy laying in a coffin. It lay there for years until someone decided to look into it. It turned out the mummy was a murdered gangster from back in the late forties. Fun facts, huh? 🙂

  3. The Celtic Queen

    Oh out of the mouths of babes~ little bastard ! Kids are just like that!

    • Yeah I agree CQ, but wouldn’t you have loved to have been a fly on the wall. “Miss, it’s my uncle’s mummified baby’s birthday today, shall I make a card to give to him?”

    • The Celtic Queen

      Yeah how cool is that? it beats the two I worked with, “This is my sister Karen and my other sister Karen WTF? I’ll never forget that one lol.

  4. I for one welcome our new baby mummy overlord.

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