Baked Roach In Breakie Cereal

At least it's death was quick...and healthy

Hmm, to all you Weet-Bix kids, might want to check your breakie really carefully. Sanitarium have been convicted and fined $3,000 after a cockroach was found in a Weet-Bix biscuit in Perth. Geez, and no it wasn’t planted, the roach was actually baked into the biscuit. The WA court said Sanitarium had responded quickly to the incident and said “This is the only health breach conviction for Sanitarium nationally in the last 12 months.” Humm, huh, what?

Psst I’m a Weet-Bix kid!


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7 responses to “Baked Roach In Breakie Cereal

  1. Susi Spice

    that stuff is nasty! now i have proof! huh!

    • The Celtic Queen

      I’ll send this to my daughter as she’s a Weet Bix kid too lol. Still I’m glad it wasn’t a mouse as she’d never eat them again. The Weet Bix that is lol.

  2. Griffin

    All food stuffs have an acceptable level of bug parts,rodent droppings and animal hair in them! That is called other ingredients.

  3. The place that makes that is called “Sanitarium””

  4. Lynn

    well if it was baked into the biscuit….

    i’m with bearman, any place called sanitarium should probably be closed anyway.

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