Hamburger Scented Candles

Have you been breaking your diet, you bastard!

Looks like a hamburger, smells like a burger but doesn’t taste like a burger… it’s the White Castle hamburger scented candle! For $10 you can live the dream without the hardened arteries. Nothing like having a house that smells like a burger joint to get your stomach juices aroused. Come on people proceeds are going to the charity “Autism Speaks“. OK, stop right there, I just went onto their website and they are all sold out!!!!! Check for yourself if you don’t believe me…White


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5 responses to “Hamburger Scented Candles

  1. The Celtic Queen

    Gees I hate cooking smells in the house. Much rather smell my Chanel one. Having said that The Austrian has a Strudel scented one lol

  2. Maybe it is to cover the smell of how White Castle affects your digestive system. peeeeeeuuuuuuuu.

  3. Lynn

    no way do i want my place smelling like a fast food joint! 🙂 what are they thinking?

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