Substitute Teacher Arrested For Drinking In Class


Oh dear, this weeks drunk teacher comes to you compliments of the Jacobs Road Elementary School in Chesterfield County. The substitute teacher, Sabrina Pado, was dobbed in by her third grade students after their classroom (and teacher) reeked like a brewery.  The stench of beer was so bad one of the students became ill and had to see the nurse. When police were called they found not only a pretty intoxicated teacher but beer hidden in her water bottle. Needless to say she was carted off to jail.


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3 responses to “Substitute Teacher Arrested For Drinking In Class

  1. The Celtic Queen

    OMG I’m surprise she didn’t scare the kids. She’s a bit fugly too . She needs to do something to soften that look. Never mind she’ll have a bit of time on her hands soon.

  2. That lady has a wait problem, she can’t wait to drink. That is absolutely crazy. She needs to go to jail for that one.

  3. megagetoverit

    Is there not a lesson for the snowflakes here? Dobbers spoil all the fun…next

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